Bill Mitchell is the very well known "Deep Voice" of Capital Radio 604.  South African's were first introduced to Bill's voice when Capital 604 went on the air, although almost nobody (other than the Capital people) knew his name.
Bill's voice is actually very well known, and very well used, and there are many radio stations all over the world that still use his voice.


Bill Mitchell (also known as "The Man In Black") was born in 1934 and died in 1997.



Bill Mitchell Special - BBC4
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BBC 4 did a special on Bill Mitchell a few years ago.  This is a recording of that special in which we learn more about Bill Mitchell's career.

Back in 1988/1989, Capital Radio wanted to refresh their "idents".


Originally done by Bill Mitchell in 1978/1979, he goes back into the studio to record more in 1989.


These are the raw studio tapes that contain Bill's many bloopers, and show off his comedic talent.


In the control room on this day was Dave Simons, and you can hear him chiming in every now and then.

Capital 604 Idents - Part 1 - Bill Mitchell
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Capital 604 Idents - Part 2 - Bill Mitchell
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Capital 604 Idents - Part 3 - Bill Mitchell
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Capital 604 Idents - Part 4 - Bill Mitchell
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