Just a few classics like the “Babies to Grannies” song by Alan Mann and the Myrtle Ballie song.

Babies to Grannies - Alan Mann
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The “Babies to Grannies” [keep all their trannies tuned to 604] song by Alan Mann sung to the tune of “When I’m 64”.

PS. Back then “Trannies” meant transistor radios.

The “Breaking Legs is Hard to Do” song sung by Martin Baillie (who is supposed to be Martin’s mother Myrtle Ballie.

Breaking Legs - Martin Bailie
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Tony Blewitt Alternative - Bill Mitchell
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Bill Mitchell in the studio making fun of Tony Blewitt’s name, and recording an alternative version (which never aired of course).

Recorded in the studio by Bill Mitchell for Capital Radio 604’s 10th birthday in 1989.

Birthday Message to 604 - Bill Mitchell
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