Our Shows

The Capital Hitline with

Darren Scott

Mon to Fri 5-6pm (CAT)

Featuring classic Hitline Top 10’s from the Capital Archives (1980 – 1993); Fantasy Hitlines from years either side of those; Themed Hitline Top 10’s (eg Top 10 One Hit Wonders); Hitline Specials (eg; The Rocktober 200; The Heritage Hitline – SA’s biggest songs of all time), etc.

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Mon to Thur 7-8pm (CAT)

Weekend Blastoff

Mon to Fri 5-6pm (CAT)

To get your weekend going with the best dance tunes from the 1970’s to the early 2000’s.

British & American Rewind with

Brian Oxley

Sunday 2pm – 5pm

The British & American Rewind Show (B&A Show) is a syndicated, greatest hits music program, presented by Radio Hall of Fame Award winner Brian Oxley.

The playlist is compiled from the US Billboard Hot 100 Sales and the UK Top Selling Singles Charts. Songs are alternated between the two countries to reflect an audio picture of the contrasting tastes of the worlds two major music producing influencers.

Actuality is also included to take the listener back in time to a nostalgic event from the past.

Steppin Out

Saturday Nights 7 to midnight

Just plain great party tunes for your Saturday nights, that would make Oscar Renzi proud!

The Chris Prior Show

Wedsnesdays 8pm – 11pm

Where to listen

Radio ZA
Radio Garden