Michael Drewett

If you haven't yet done so you MUST watch Craig J. Johnston's documentary about Capital Radio. It is informative, intelligent, fascinating, nostalgic, emotional, interesting (I have 604 adjectives I could use but these 6 will suffice). Craig spent years working on this film and show him your appreciation by watching it but more importantly, treat yourself this weekend. You will be pleased you did so. Put a sparkle in your weekend! (and tell your friends about it too).

Sarah Jones

I finally watched the 'Music Power' documentary last night.

My first thought at seeing the running time was that it was going to be a long haul at just under 2 hours, but you quickly get so engrossed in it that the time goes over very quickly. 

And as the story unfolds, you can't help wondering how they're going to cram it all into just 2 hours; there are more twists and turns than a Transkei mountain trail. 

I honestly had no idea of the depth of government activity and subversion, but its all in there; espionage, corruption, police and even military activity all mobilised against a radio station which was there to serve the people of South Africa.

The story of Capital 604 is a story of the little guy struggling against the system; David versus Goliath, except that in our story Goliath killed David because in real life the bad guy always wins.

But in the 604 story the bad guy didn't win. Not really. Because nobody remembers the people who bought the station down, nobody knows or cares who greased the palm of the guy who signed the document which closed the station. 

But everybody remembers the people who ran the station, programmed the music, reported the news and kept it on air until the very end. We'll never forget those men and women, so in the end they are the real winners.

And so are we.

Because we remember it.

5 star rating from me. Brilliant and engrossing viewing.

Kitso Mazala

I had a pleasure of watching the full documentary as well. It was after a mess up at the venue where it was scheduled to be screened. Fortunately Craig J. Johnston made it possible for me to watch it. I need to be brutally honest here one of the pain caused by this ANC government was to destroy a vehicle of change that played a crucial role in informing and educating our masses. The role played by the Sucurocrats as they were known back then was vicious if not cruel to the 3rd degree. I had to leave the Eastern Cape for Jo'burg. I tried to catch Capital but all efforts were in vain. Even in the evening, the medium wave frequency was inaccessible in Jo'burg. I think Desmond Tutu put it crystal clear when he told the ANC that we struggled inside the country on our own with the help of the international community. People or activists were assassinated, kidnapped or thrown to solitary confinement during dark hours of the day. Who reported on that? No one other than Capital 604. It was really a thorn in the flash of BOSS ( state security machinery ). Then what happened ? An irony of all "ironies " happened. ANC government closed the station. In hindsight, they (ANC ) new that they were going to mess up and therefore couldn't afford to have a station that won't tow the line. One day I'm pretty sure of that, Capital 604, like a phoenix, will rise from the ashes again. We all have different experiences and/ or encounters of Capital 604 but with me, I remember vividly the role it had in shaping my life when I was growing up in rural ( then) Ciskei. Capital 604 reported on the homeland oppressive Lennox Sebe regime openly without any fear or favour. Once more thank you very much Craig J. Johnston. May God bless you.

Tony Newman

Capital Radio and the concept of live, well thought out radio in Southern Africa was a game changer. Being over in Port St Johns from the start was a bit of a culture shock and that was felt by most. All were very professional and the presentation and humour amongst all the staff was good. There was no colour bar, all were there to provide a first rate performance. 


Things did change when John Moody left and thing started happening of which we were aware but had no proof. The documentary is well researched and clarifies so many points. It is South Africa’s loss which still burns in the heart of many, entertainment and unbiased news should not be politicised but sadly it is not only in South Africa but also now around the world.


The people deserve better and they had it for a while. Many thanks to Craig Johnson and the Capital team for a documentary that tells the sad truth of a radio stations demise.

Best Regards Tony Newman



Garth Whittaker

I've just had the privilege of watching Craig's work on this documentary and I can honestly give it one word......BRILLIANT....... I strongly recommend you get a copy and watch this piece of History it's well worth it.


Antony Richman

Finally managed to watch the excellent 604 documentary on Amazon Prime. Some fantastic memories of when I was an adolescent in Johannesburg in the 80's trying to get a decent signal to listen to my favourite ever radio station. Loved the emotion of my fellow Evertonian Alan Khan at the end too...💙. Capital Radio was a very important part of my life for many years and I still occasionally listen to the old podcasts.. Great to reminisce...😎


Anthony Waldhausen

I have managed to watch the documentary from start to finish 👍 I recommend one to buy the documentary as I won't be telling all here about it 😁 All I can say it's a great and factual documentary and thanks to all who produced it and made it possible for us to know the facts.

As a young white male growing up in apartheid SA we were brainwashed and the truth what was happening in our country was hidden from mostly white South Africans. Luckily for myself I grew up without blinkers and was an inquiring person and like to learn and enjoyed meeting new people. The only resource I had to know what was happening in SA was reading the daily newspapers. I had a political awakening when growing up with hearing my father curse the nationalist government and getting involved in politics after leaving school.

Living in apartheid SA was living in a bubble. Not knowing the right from wrong and truth from lies that was spinned by the nationalists government.

Both the apartheid and ANC governments, both nationalist governments went out of their way to control society and its people. The sad truth is they both didn't want Capital Radio 604 to continue as it spoke truth to power and broke boundaries.

Currently we experiencing control by the current government over its people and quashed the idea of SA as a place of free thinkers and they dictate how to run our lives.

It's time South Africans take back their power and hold the government accountable. We need to truly liberate ourselves from past and we all South Africans need to unite for our future. We deserve better! ✊👊


Gus Behn

I’ve just finished watching the Capital 604 documentary. Craig J. Johnston, thank you for the amazing work which you do in keeping Capital 604 alive through this Facebook page, the Podcasts and this documentary. Pretty emotional toward the end of the documentary where I too shed a tear. A remarkable radio station, incredible presenters, what a time it was for the radio listener! Thank you too to all the Capital 604 presenters, news readers, sport presenters and behind-the-scenes team for bringing to us what was the most iconic radio station South Africa has ever had! Capital fans, watch the documentary, it's well worth it.


Suzanne Perrett

Just finished watching your documentary Craig J. Johnston - brilliant - highly recommend it. Lots of memories and quite emotional...